LED Solar Lights

led-outdoor-solar-lights-10Because LED lighting runs on such little energy, its partnership with solar technology seem like a match made in heaven. A proliferation of LED solar lights has entered the market in recent years, making outdoor lighting as cheap as it gets—free!

You might think, since they’re effectively free to run, that solar lights are expensive to initially buy, but that is not the case. Many solar products sell for a modest price and will provide many years of service with moderate use.

One of the reasons that solar panels and LEDs work so well together is that LED technology is intrinsically low voltage, so it synchronizes perfectly with the DC output of a solar panel. A rechargeable battery can power an LED solar light for up to 8 hours from a full charge.

A great advantage of solar lights is obviously that they are not tethered to a mains outlet, so you can install them almost anywhere in a garden. Solar panels continue to draw energy even in overcast or less than sunny conditions, so LED solar lights will work all the year round. Having said that, if you expose the panel to as much sun as possible, the recharging process is significantly hastened. Some LED solar lights feature a USB connection as a secondary means of recharging.

When buying LED solar lights, one of the choices you’ll face is whether you want the lights to be triggered by sensors. There are chiefly two types of sensor: a dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor or a PIR movement sensor. A dusk-to-dawn sensor automatically triggers light at sunset and switches it off again at sunrise, while a PIR sensor activates light for a set duration when it senses movement within its detection range.

LED solar lights are available in various forms, including feature lights, post lights, rope lights, spotlights, security lights and wall lights. In order to create a welcoming outdoor mood, you’ll probably choose a warm white light.

If you’re looking to make the most of your night-time garden, check out the latest LED solar lights.